JavaScript Tips

When you are studying the JavaScript computer language, there is a lot to learn. The first step to working with JavaScript, is to get a good code editor. Atom and Brackets are two popular code editors, but there are many other code editors as well. Some code editors cost money, while others are free. I am still deciding which code editor that I like the best.

The code editor that you choose, can also be used for HTML and CSS. Sometimes you will  hear the term: Text Editor. At first you might think that text editors and code editors are the same thing. However, there are technical differences between text editors and code editors. Code editors are more advanced than text editors, but some text editors have so many features, that the difference between the two is becoming blurred.

Once you start coding in JavaScript, you will begin learning about variables, strings, loops, concatenating, camelcase, arrays, etc. For example, in JavaScript it is necessary to type some of your code in camelcase. In camelcase, my name would be typed as krisBallard. Learning, JavaScript may seem difficult, but it easier than learning C++. However, be persistent, because learning JavaScript is worth the effort.



Udemy is an excellent website for those who are seeking to further their education. Udemy offers online courses on a variety of subjects. Some of the courses at Udemy cost money, and some are free. If you are signing up for the courses that cost money, it is best to wait until Udemy offers specials.

When Udemy offers specials, most of the courses can be bought for eleven dollars per course. The length of the courses range from forty minutes to forty hours. Each of the courses is divided up into video segments, that usually last five to ten minutes. Since my New Years resolution is to learn JavaScript, I have enrolled in several JavaScript courses.

For those who don’t know, JavaScript is an important computer language which is necessary for web development. However, one thing leads to another, so I have also signed up for other types of courses on Udemy.

One of the courses that I have signed up for, is a course that teaches how to use Canva. Canva is an online  graphics design tool, that I want to learn more about. I am definitely recommending Udemy, as an educational resource for my readers.

JavaScript Essentials

JavaScript is a very important computer language. In fact, JavaScript is one of the building blocks of web development. I’m still learning JavaScript, but I feel that I have learned enough to point others in the right direction. Before studying JavaScript though, it necessary to first gain a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

There are so many different computer languages, that sometimes people wonder which one they should learn first. The answer to this question is different for each person. However, I can tell the reader that they will not be wasting their time, when they learn JavaScript.

The first part of studying JavaScript, is learning how to use the proper JavaScript syntax. If you don’t use the proper syntax, the computer won’t understand what you’re saying. Different types of of computer languages have different types of syntax. When you code with JavaScript, you are required to end each line of code with a semicolon.

It is easier to learn JavaScript, than it is to learn C++, but JavaScript is still a challenging computer language. However, learning JavaScript is worth the effort, so get started learning this important computer language, today.


Rudy Giuliani

Supposedly, Rudy Giuliani who happens to be Donald Trump’s lawyer, is trying to help his client. However, Giuliani is so incompetent in his defense of Trump, that he deserves to have his law license revoked. At first I was happy that Giuliani was and is a terrible lawyer. Now though, I am alarmed.

I realize that there are a lot of bad lawyers in America, but Giuliani is nothing but a rambling idiot. Giuliani’s latest strategy in defending Donald Trump, is too throw everyone who has ever been associated with the President, under the bus. This is definitely a dubious strategy.

What I’m curious to find out is, why is Giuliani so loyal to Trump? Michael Cohen was a lawyer who was loyal to Trump, and now Cohen is facing jail-time. There are some commentators who appear on television, and claim that Giuliani is helping Trump.

However, all I see is a tired old man, trying to use sophistry in order to defend the President. I never cared for Giuliani, but even I’m embarrassed for him. It is now time for Giuliani to gracefully leave the public spotlight.


When I was a young boy and also when I was a teenager, I had a fear of being  buried alive in an avalanche. Although I have outgrown this particular phobia, I’m still fascinated by the destructive power of avalanches. In the past several days, Europe has been hit very hard with deadly avalanches.

The European countries that have already being damaged by avalanches this year are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Flooding is also a concern for Europe. Even Davos has been impacted by dangerous weather conditions.

Sometimes people wonder what causes avalanches? Avalanches happen when there is a large amount of snow in a short period of time. When this happens the snow isn’t stable, which leads to avalanches. Some people who are killed by avalanches are innocent victims, but some avalanche deaths are caused by sheer stupidity.

If you ever see a sign that is warning people of potential avalanches, take the warning seriously. Also realize that just because you might be in an area doesn’t have a history of avalanches, this doesn’t mean that you are entirely safe.


JavaScript Basics

JavaScript is a computer language that everyone should learn. In fact, my New Years resolution for 2019 is to learn JavaScript. However, if someone wants to learn JavaScript, they should make sure that they first have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

For those who don’t know, JavaScript is one of the crucial building blocks of web development. JavaScript is the tool that makes websites interactive. It is possible to build static websites with HTML and CSS, but most people want more than that. In order to become a front end web developer, it is necessary to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Some people shy away from learning JavaScript, since it more difficult than learning HTML or CSS. However, that is shortsighted. There are plenty of resources available for learning JavaScript. I am currently enrolled in several online JavaScript courses, on the Udemy website.

Also, I’m taking an online JavaScript course on the Udacity website. I believe the key to learning JavaScript, is to give oneself the proper amount of time, that is required for learning an important computer language.

The Dumbest Criminal

Paul Manafort has got to be the dumbest criminal who has ever existed. The sad thing about it, is that Manafort had been getting away with his criminality for decades. If anyone needed convincing, Manafort is an example of how there is a different set of rules for the rich and powerful, than there is for the rest of us.

For many years, Manafort lived an extravagant lifestyle, buying himself an ostrich jacket and purchasing expensive rugs in order to launder his money. Thankfully, Manafort is currently in jail. Manafort had become so accustomed to lying, that he couldn’t even tell Robert Mueller the truth, when it could have reduced his jail sentence.

The latest twist in the Manafort drama, is that his lawyers are even more incompetent than was originally thought. Since Manafort’s lawyers don’t understand modern technology, they failed to properly redact information that is damaging to their client.

Paul Manafort was and is a villain who deserved to be caught. However, Manafort is merely one piece in a puzzle, that will lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump.



Web Development

There are many people who are interested in web development, but not everyone knows how to go about learning this important skill. Although I’m still a web developer in training, I have learned enough to know what is required in order to become a front end web developer.

The first thing that a web developer must learn is HTML. HTML is a computer markup language that is fairly simple to learn, but extremely important. However, learning HTML is not enough. By itself, HTML would produce ugly websites. So this is why it is also necessary to learn CSS.

CSS is a computer styling sheet language. CSS is the computer language that gives web developers the capability of building visually appealing websites. Both HTML and CSS can be learned quickly. However if a web developer wants an interactive website, JavaScript must also be learned.

JavaScript is a computer scripting language. JavaScript has become a very important computer language for web development. I plan on spending this entire year becoming an expert in JavaScript.

New Years Resolutions

Usually on New Years Eve, I make at least one New Years resolution. This year my New Years resolution is to learn JavaScript. Although the new year has barely begun, I’m already making progress on my New Years resolution. I am currently enrolled in three Udemy courses that offer online videos about JavaScript.

For those who don’t know, Udemy is a website that offers online courses on a variety of subjects. At this time of year, Udemy offers their courses at a discounted rate. I only had to pay ten dollars per course. The length of time it takes to complete a Udemy course varies widely. Some courses on Udemy might only have an hour of video lectures, while other courses might have thirty hours of online videos.

The nice thing about my New Years resolution is that it a goal that is challenging, yet not overwhelming. After I complete this years New Years resolution, I am looking forward to making a new New Years resolution for 2020.

Trump Foundation

The Trump Foundation has been dissolved. Since Donald Trump was using the money from this charity as his personal checkbook, instead of helping people, the New York Attorney General had to put an end to this fake charity. If you think that Trump would be embarrassed about ripping people off with his fake charity, than you would be wrong.

Donald Trump was so cheap that he even paid the seven dollars for Donald Jr’s boy scout fee from money from the Trump Foundation. Obviously that particular incident happened a while ago. However, if there is one thing that is consistent with Trump, it is dishonesty. Our fake President has created a fake university, a fake charity and a fake border wall.

When Donald Trumps children became adults, he had them help him operate the Trump Foundation. Thankfully the money that is still left in this fake charity, will be given to real charities instead of the Trump Foundation. How sad that we must endure a criminal in the White House.